Thursday, March 30, 2006

Squirrels Fear Me

Now that I get to go outside by myself alot, the squirrels scurry away in fear. It's not fair they can climb a tree and I can't but I can get them up there and block their escape. I'm pretty darn good at that. I'm guarding the bird feeders in this picture.

Another out-of-crate disaster happened tonight. Every couple of weeks Mom gives me a test to see if I can behave on my own. I always disappoint them. I just had to try some of that Easter candy and it was inside a beautifully decorated paper mache egg. Now the egg is in the wastebasket along with another bunny that Aunt Betty made. Mom was super mad at me and yelled and everything while I stood there obliviously wagging my tail. I just don't get it.

Mom is starting to take away some of those little white flags. She tries to hide them from me but I know what's going on. Our neighbor, Craig, brought me a new ball to play with but I wouldn't cross through the invisible fence to get it - he had to come in and play with me. Wow, I have a new friend.

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