Sunday, March 05, 2006

Life is Good

Great weekend. Two of the grandchildren, Kelby and Erin, came this weekend and a new family member that I've never met. Aunt Fran from Tucson came to see her mom and the rest of the family. Fran loves dogs so she adored me immediately and even said when she doesn't have her big dogs any more she'll get a Wire. She lives on the edge of the desert where they have all kinds of wild animals and have to fence them out.

I got to go to the park with the kids on Saturday because it was such great weather and then today we got about five inches of snow. Now, I have a hard time staying focused and getting my business done and just want to romp around and eat the snow. Plus, I'm fixated on removing the aformentioned cat from under the deck and have got myself stuck under there twice during the past two days.

Heaven was sleeping on the floor with Kelby. Watching

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