Sunday, March 19, 2006

What's So Bad About Chocolate?

I need to tell you about one of my weekend adventures that just happened an hour ago. We had a bunch of people over at our house and Mom made some yummy treats. Evidently, these were not dog treats and the guests did not come to see me so I was shut in my crate in the library for most of the evening. When I'd finally had enough of that I started whining to be let out and Mom did. I knew everybody wanted to pet me so I made the rounds and even jumped on the lap of an older gentleman. He seemed surprised - but happy, of course. Next, I investigated the table of goodies and quickly helped myself to a "Magic Bar". This delightful dessert of chocolate chips, coconut and nuts went down pretty easy so I snagged another one before the plate was put up high on the counter.

Paige and her mom were here this afternoon for a little while. Since we haven't posted a picture of this granddaughter we thought we'd better show you how cute she is. She will be two next month and here she is wearing her St Patty's day beads and drinking her green "juice". She brought us those green cookies but they weren't dog treats either.Paige

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