Friday, March 10, 2006

Vet Visit

Today we went to the vet to get checked for heartworms. I behaved very well, Dad reports, and the girls thought I was super cute. I now weigh 18 pounds - goodness, I'm getting "solid". Dr. Heitzman rubbed some stuff on my back that is supposed to prevent me from attracting fleas. We have to continue that once-a-month so Mom and Dad don't get any fleas in our bed. We also got heart-worm pills to start next month. Dad jokes that we're on the second million spent on me. Mom couldn't even go to the vet with us because she got a stress fracture in her foot. The good thing was she stayed home with me all day. The bad thing is I'll have to depend on Dad for both of my daily walks for a while. He's usually too busy at work to come home at lunch for the first one, though.

Tonight we watched National Geographic instead of Animal Planet Watching Animal Planet. We knew a show was going to be on called Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. He runs a Dog Psychology Center and also has his own Dog Whisperer Blog. We watched him rehabilitate dogs like Chip, the Barbarian, a Min Pin that had bitten all of his family members. At the Dog Psychology Center Cesar he has a whole pack of "balanced" dogs so these problem pets can learn to be civilized pack followers - NOT LEADERS. He put Chip on a treadmill to get him a little tired out before he worked on the corrections. Dang, going to his place sounds like Jim Frey's rehab in A Million Little Pieces. Wonder if he got to make a phone call?

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