Friday, May 12, 2006

Photo Opportunity

Woah - I can't believe it's been eight days since Mom has written about me. She's really been a slacker. Thought you might like to see this photo that Mom took of ME and these cute girls last weekend in the park when the weather was so great. I had just been to the groomer the day before so I deserved the center spot in the photo.

These days, Mom walks so slow because she's either looking through the camera or through some other funny-looking things she puts on her eyes called binoculars. You see, she's preparing herself to go on this long bird trip to the Outer Banks. That's coming up next Saturday. She's going to leave us boys for nine whole days. Dad will probably spoil me rotten and let me get up too early. But I wonder if he'll come home to let me out of my crate at lunch, too. I couldn't stand being shut in there for eight whole hours. Mom thinks he's going to go bezerk having total responsibility for me for all that time. During that trip we won't be able to write at all unless she shows Dad how to do this. Naaah, he'll never learn.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Something's Under the Hot Tub

ObsessedI have recently become obsessed with the idea that there's a critter living under our hot tub. I can't think of anything else. I was rooted to nearly the same spot yesterday evening hoping for a better smell between the cracks. I can't hear anything and I can't see anything but I sure can smell something. When my folks pick me up my little heart is pounding so hard in my chest - I'm on hyper-alert. When Dad came home from Chicago he aimed the flashlight down there and then this morning he imagined that he saw this "critter" streak out from under our deck. When Mom let me out at lunch I immediately went right back to my spot. She was so thrown off she forgot to take my fence collar off of me before carrying me down the driveway for our walk. Yikes!! You know what they say about terriers being strong-willed and stubborn...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Do your Mom and Dad give you Greenies to freshen your breath and clean your teeth? I had a few of them when I was a wee pup and didn't know better, but now we're worried that they won't digest in my gut. Goodness sakes, I barf enough already. There are lots of stories out there but here's one from CNN.

We also had this story in our Saturday paper about how much money owners spend on their pets. But we're totally worth it, right?

Monday, May 01, 2006

Weekend Update

We had a very busy weekend. On Saturday morning we worked outside and I got to go for a nice, long walk with Dad. After we came back in, Dad, of course, needed a little nap so I went downstairs with him and Mom got on the computer (typical). I thought I smelled something yummy coming from the direction of the kitchen (my sense of smell is way more acute than my sight or hearing) and so I very, very quietly snuck up the steps and found a nice chunk of Muenster cheese laying on the counter. Mom didn't realize I was even upstairs until she came out to the kitchen to put the cheese away and found an empty bag laying on the counter! They always comment on how I eat food so much slower than old Kanzi girl but this time I had it all wolfed down by the time she found me.

After our rest and relaxation time we got ready to drive to Dubuque. That windey hiway 20 makes me sick on a good day and this time I had undigested Muenster to barf up - what a mess. Then, we get into Barb's house and Sam, their golden, decides to show me she's the alpha lady and curls up her lip and gives me a low growl. She did this about three times until I went away and curled up on the carpet. Barfing always wipes me out anyway. I wish I could have played with their cat, but I had to stay on the leash all the time.

They did some shopping and ate at Bishops while I rested in the car. It rained on us all the way home and so we had a late night. I actually was so exhausted that I let them sleep until 7:20 on Sunday morning. Man, did they appreciate that. I woke up to white-caps on the bird bath - brrrrr. Dad still took me for a walk before church and Mom took me for one in the park in the afternoon so it ended pretty good.

Dirty DogSince Mom and Dad have been planting, dividing and digging in the gardens, they leave me perfect digging opportunities. I had to have a quick bath before they left for work this morning - "I'm a sight", as Opie Taylor used to say.

Butchy and Snickers sure have some awesome photos on their blog. They have a beautiful place to explore with ponds, birds and frogs. Check it out!