Friday, May 12, 2006

Photo Opportunity

Woah - I can't believe it's been eight days since Mom has written about me. She's really been a slacker. Thought you might like to see this photo that Mom took of ME and these cute girls last weekend in the park when the weather was so great. I had just been to the groomer the day before so I deserved the center spot in the photo.

These days, Mom walks so slow because she's either looking through the camera or through some other funny-looking things she puts on her eyes called binoculars. You see, she's preparing herself to go on this long bird trip to the Outer Banks. That's coming up next Saturday. She's going to leave us boys for nine whole days. Dad will probably spoil me rotten and let me get up too early. But I wonder if he'll come home to let me out of my crate at lunch, too. I couldn't stand being shut in there for eight whole hours. Mom thinks he's going to go bezerk having total responsibility for me for all that time. During that trip we won't be able to write at all unless she shows Dad how to do this. Naaah, he'll never learn.


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