Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Friends

Wow - we have new friends posting in our comments section. One is from Singapore and one is from Tasmania. How cool is that! We totally love to read about friends in other parts of the world. Keep on writing little wire buddies.

Alot has happened in the past couple of weeks. Even though Mom has been too busy to write much she's back now - for good. She just travelled out to Ohio and left Dad and I alone again but we did just great together. Mom wasn't too happy that Dad let me chew up more of the kids' tub toys. Big Bird has been de-capitated. Like Butchy and Snickers' mom, she likes to take pictures, too. Here's one of Nic in Ohio - he's shaggier than I am!

I've been swimming in the boat again and had another stay at a dog hotel - a different one this time. I went to the groomer to be totally stripped so I just can't stop looking at my pink tummy with the black spots.

Erin and Kelby were here last weekend and I was pretty grouchy on Saturday. I don't know what my problem was. Since I don't see them very often, I sort of forget how to act. Anyway, it's just back to the three of us again. Ah, I have them all to myself.

Have you been to the YouTube website? I love to watch TV and video on the computer. There are some crazy dogs out there. Check it out -

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm in Trouble

Last night, Mom decided it was time for another out-of-crate experiment. They were only gone for a quick trip to the Garden Deli for ice cream but it doesn't take very long to wreck a shoe and grab kleenex out of the wastebasket, does it? This time, Mom was really, really, really mad at me because I did some damage to her newest and most favorite shoes from Von Maur. She hollered at me so loud that I slunk into my crate and tried to stay out of her way the rest of the night. I stuck real close to Dad cause he didn't seem too mad.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Mom's Back

Yeah - Mom' s back from her birding trip to the Outer Banks so we can get back to the computer now. Dad bought us a new computer while she was gone so we're pretty darn excited about that. Dad and I got along just fine while it was just the two of us guys - every day he told Mom that I was being a good boy other than squeezing through the tiniest opening to get under the deck and get dirty.

Today was great because I got to go swimming and ride in the boat for the very first time. I like the boat better than the car. Dad threw me in the lake at the end of a long rope so I started swimming for the other side. Dad reeled me in and then he did it a couple more times. After I got up to the side I smelled something tasty under the dock and just couldn't stop obsessing over it so we pushed off the boat and kept on exploring. Some fishermen asked if I was going skiing since I'm at the end of this long rope! Maybe next time.

Swimming was great but I got really tired so I've spent the rest of the day napping which is quite unusual for me. Mom only has to work four-day weeks in the summer time so we'll get to be together more than ever.

I'll close on a meloncholy note, we lost Great-Grandma yesterday. She was 87 years old and was just too tired to live any more. Mom and Dad and Aunt Barb and everyone are very sad but are glad she's in Heaven with Great-Grandpa, now. I only got to go to the nursing home once to see her but she gave Mom and Dad some good advice about me, like usual. She said as long as they kept taking me outside during the night I would keep wanting to get up. So they ignored me and we all slept through the night. She was a very, very smart lady.

Love, Bogie