Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm in Trouble

Last night, Mom decided it was time for another out-of-crate experiment. They were only gone for a quick trip to the Garden Deli for ice cream but it doesn't take very long to wreck a shoe and grab kleenex out of the wastebasket, does it? This time, Mom was really, really, really mad at me because I did some damage to her newest and most favorite shoes from Von Maur. She hollered at me so loud that I slunk into my crate and tried to stay out of her way the rest of the night. I stuck real close to Dad cause he didn't seem too mad.


Diva said...

OHHhhh Bogie!!
When Mom's not happy nobody is happy.
Tell her you're just a young pup.
Why it took close to two years before my people would trust me for a short time. Now I'm up to a whole afternoon of "watching the house" while Mom goes out.
Poppa still prefers to put me in my room. I just could not stand the crate so they pup proofed a bathroom and added my sleep pillow and food & water. I learned to be safe and warm in there 'til they came back. (They always do)
You just hafta find acceptable chew things. I know that chew em up feeling is overwhelming sometimes but you just have to reach for something acceptable.

I love ya no matter what Bogie,

fee said...

hi bogie,

i found u from my friends, butchy's and snickers' blog. i just love visiting their blog cos it has so many lovely pix!

i chew socks and i pee-ed on dad's and mom's bed last week – can i be your friend?

(i live in singapore and also at http://www.magic-fever.blogspot.com)

Georgie said...

Oh Bogie, you are one handsome little fella! I have a Welsh terrier and was thinking about a foxie next. Greetings from Fritz in Tasmania!