Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Best Toys

My Newest Toy
Now that there are so many cyber-Wires with their own blogs, how about telling me what your favorite toys are? How long does it take you to destroy a new toy? Dad bought me this new toy with the weirdest squeaky whine to it. I loved it but it drove us all bezerk. Well, it took me about ten minutes to alter the squeaker to a normal-sounding one. Don't really know how I did it, but now it doesn't damage our ear drums. I think the only toy that I haven't ruinied in some way is the Kong. We have a medium-sized one that Dad uses to jam a liver-snap into. This is supposed to keep me entertained in my crate while they are gone. Right! I now can remove the treat before they are even out the door. Sadly we left it behind in Ohio and it wound up in their toy box, of course.

Monday, February 27, 2006


I got to be free of my crate this afternoon. Yep, after Mom rubber-banded the cupboard doors where the garbage can is, put up the bathroom wastebaskets and closed the laundry room doors she went back to work. This was after our daily lunch-time walk which was later than usual. She kind of faked me out, though, just to see what I'd do. She threw the treat in the crate and pretended to shut the door. Anyway, I found my way out and was standing on the ottomon when she returned at five. I found a paper that didn't look important at all on the floor and totally shredded that but otherwise I was pretty darn good. Turns out the paper was kind of important, though; her eye prescription. Oh, well.

After work Mom had to do double-duty and take me for my evening walk on the golf course. We checked out the bluebird houses which are now closed up. Did you know the male bluebirds come back super early - when it's still freezing - to check out potential nesting places. So, there's a couple of people that live around here who keep them cleaned out and ready. I love to tear around in circles on the golf course and hope spring-time golfers don't put an end to our playtime.

While we were watching our Blockbuster movie tonight, In Her Shoes, I'm sure I saw that cat again on our deck. I'm totally convinced it's living under MY deck actually. I did some crazy stuff looking for him - running around behind the TV and jumping at the TV. Well, it looked like that's the direction he went anyway. Sometimes I can't figure out things like that. Like, when there's barking on the TV I'm running all over the house looking for those darn dogs! In the movie tonight, both of those cuties, Cameron and Toni, spend time as dog walkers.

Another one of my Mom's hobbies is scrapbooking (so far I'm only on two pages) so she spends way too much time reading the message boards at Two Peas in a Bucket. Check out this incredible dog and cat photograph.

Be sure to read Axel's blog today, too. He talks about me (among others)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Mom's New Hobbies

I seem to have been replaced as Mom's current passion. In January I was replaced by the new/used baby grand piano and then this month Mom got a cool, new camera. She does take lots of pictures of me but spends way too much time reading about photography instead of how to take care of dogs. The last good tip she got was about a healthy diet for me. I just want good junk food like everybody else instead of raw eggs with the shells on. Dad gives me dry roasted peanuts which are to die for - they rock! Here's a picture that combines both of Mom's new hobbies and here's Dad and I watching her doing them. Ho-hum.
Darn piano!These glasses make me look smart

Hey, you should go to the Eight Below movie. It's about a team of super-smart and loyal sled dogs in Antarctica. There are a couple of places that make you jump out of your seat so don't take any little kids. Check it out!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Trip to Ohio

That's right, last weekend they drove me 450 miles (each way) to Ohio to see the oldest grandchildren. At least it was pretty straight driving but I still barfed both ways. I thought maybe I was going to make it but about an hour into the trip, I lost my cookies. After that, Mom put me in my crate in the back of the Highlander. We had a great time out there and I did sleep with Jason the last night. I managed to escape out the door once but decided there were too many big dogs in the neighborhood so I came back right away.

Jason and Nic tried to teach me some new tricks and I also practiced my old tricks for them. I'm pretty darn good at all of them - I've even started to leave the treat on my little foot (much to Mom's delight). Another thing I've caught on to is staying long enough on the floor for Mom to go around the whole loop of the house where I can't even see her. But, Jason and Nic tried to teach me to do a circus dog trick - getting up on the top of one of those huge exercise balls. I'm sort of catching on but need some more work. Watching for the Bus

Our yard is still a sheet of ice - front and back - and I definitely hate it. Too much slipping and sliding and no familiar places to do my business. The Pet Stop guy will come and do the fence as soon as we get a little thaw. This picture is me watching the three neighbor kids waiting for the school bus. I just love kids and my heart aches when I can't go out to see them - maybe when it's warmer.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Our Yard

Pet Stop Flag
Our yard is on a golf course, so, since I can't go off chasing golf balls and golfers this summer, it appears we're going to have an electric fence installed. I really liked the guy from Pet Stop when he came to check out our yard last week but just couldn't figure out why they were roaming around and not playing with ME. They're trying to devise a fence design that will: keep me out of the flower beds, out from under our deck (where cats like to hide) and out of the front yard. Good luck with that!

So, we have a funny story to tell you about the proposed fence and a conversation with Kelby. Kelby is four and a very deep thinker - he appears to be more "intelligent" than I am and I do love to chase him around. Anyway, my Mom was telling him about how this fence will work. Aargh - sounds too awful to be true. Then, he sits there and thinks about it for a couple of minutes and comes up with this: "One time, when I was a baby, my Mom put me out in the back yard and when I reached under the electric fence it stung me." How cute is that? Mom had to explain to him that this type of "correction" is only used on dogs.

Holy cow, it's raining cats and dogs today!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bull Terrier Wins Best-in-Show at Westminster

I didn't get to watch it but we saw on the Today Show this morning that a distant cousin of mine won Best-in-Show at Westminster. At least he was in the Terrier Group, right? There are even videos to watch from the competition if you have a fast enough computer.

Last night for me was a loser. They took off for a Valentine dinner at 5:30 (after my walk on the golf course) and didn't return until 9:15. I didn't get to go! Mom thought that windey road would be too much for my stomach but had convinced Dawn that I'd gone with them and sat under the table at dinner. Like I would be calm enough to do that! They did leave Animal Planet on for me and I also saw that the Iowa Hawkeyes beat Michigan State - woohoo!

Anyway, I forgot to tell you that I made it to Axel's blog - check it out.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day for Dogs

In our local paper this morning was a great story about an area pet shelter. They listed the qualities that singles may find appealing and matched those qualities to a breed of dog that possessed those qualities. So, which one was listed as the "Intelligent" breed? You guessed it, the Wire Fox Terrier. Dad expressed some real doubts to Mom about that this morning. He should have been nicer to her on Valentine's Day. We know she takes personally any derogatory remarks he makes about me.

I don't think they got ME any special treats for this special day and, in fact, are leaving me in my "kettle" (Kelby's word for kennel) all evening while they go out-to-dinner. Major bummer. I'd better get extra long walks or there could be trouble.

BTW - these are the "doggone cute" valentines that Kelby took to preschool today. He loves me, man.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Foxy Valentine

Can you believe it? Hallmark makes cards with Fox Terriers on the front. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since we're such a handsome breed. Getting this card in the mail from my friend, Roxie, was a real surprise, though, cause she doesn't always act like she likes me so much. I think she's irritated that I'm taller than her now and she's four-years-old and I'm only seven months.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Pictures from Dog School

Boxing with Smokey
We finally remembered to take the camera so we can share some pictures of the "dog whisperer", my friend, Smokey, and the other dudes from school. I love this picture because Smokey and I are "boxing". We do this so great. I don't know why all the other students don't want to play like this??

Here are pictures of me doing my tricks with Jan from Carlson Dog Training and the other "lineup" of dogs featuring Jinksey, Mallie, and Allie.
Tricks with Jan The Lineup

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Last Weekend

Last weekend was pretty eventful for me despite the Super Bowl. In fact, we watched the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet instead. Anyway, we took my longest trip yet to Iowa. I still get anxiety attacks when forced to go for long rides in the car which manifest themselves in horrific drooling attacks and finally a good barf. It really took me a good 24 hours to recover my strength so now I can blog my weekend experiences.

Erin and Me
The travel travail was worth it when we arrived at the grandchildren's house. Those two little ones, Kelby and Erin, are great to play with. We were there for Erin's first birthday and she just goes bezerk when she sees me. This time was a little better though. She didn't hit me as much and I knew what to expect. Then, there was the added bonus of the tossing of the food from her high chair and cleaning up after her. Ah, my first birthday cake crumbs. Here I am with the little doll and Dad.

I made myself right at home in their house. I scooted up the stairs the first night after Dawn and was ready to sleep with them on their bed! That was, after I checked to be sure Erin was sleeping safely in her room. I was promptly returned to the basement to sleep with Mom, Dad and Kelby.

There were some great new things to see in their neighborhood. The most exciting was catching sight of a rabbit. Man, did I need to give chase.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Anniversary Date

Woohoo! It's two months, today, since my last pee accident. Peeing outside really started working for me when things changed around our house.

Number one, they put a string of sleigh bills on the back door (Jan's suggestion) and taught me how to ring it when I have to get outside quick. I hardly ever use it any more but back then it worked terrific.

Number two, they took away my food and water in between my three feedings. That let us ALL know when it was time to go out. They also took away all water by 7:30 pm. This is really important since I've always slept in their bed.

Number three, they hardly ever let me out of their sight. They didn't really put me back in the crate or confine me to a certain area, but just knew where I was all the time. Sometimes they put the leash on and kept me close by while they were eating or sitting at the computer. However, my last accident took place right by Mom at the computer. What's up with that?

Dog School

I'm finishing my second round of dog school. I had to start out in Puppy Preschool because I proved not worthy for Beginning Obedience. Jan of Carlson Dog Training has infinite patience, though, and my dad even calls her a "dog whisperer". Wednesday night I did everything perfect for her: came when called, down, sit, stay and heel. But not for my Mom - I had a very springy butt for her.

My good friend, Smokey, had to have a bark collar put on. Wow, was his voice echoing down there. He's super nice but just needs to bark all the time. Well, not any more. This thing gives him a shot of citronella when he barks and that put a stop to that. Now, they just have to show it to him.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Catching Up

I have a bit of catching up to do since I'm already six months old. Here are pictures of how I look now, after my first "strip" job and how I looked when they first brought me home. Big difference, right? There is just so much to-do about this grooming thing. My Mom even bought that Arden Ross book and read it all in one night.

Ground Hog Day

Today is Ground Hog Day but I've never, ever seen one of those. Hope to, though. I'm having such a great time sitting with Mom at the computer in the library and reading all these other "Wire" posts that I just had to get in on the action and talk about myself.

This picture shows me now, at six months, sticking my nose into Mom's coffee. This is part of "our" morning routine.