Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day for Dogs

In our local paper this morning was a great story about an area pet shelter. They listed the qualities that singles may find appealing and matched those qualities to a breed of dog that possessed those qualities. So, which one was listed as the "Intelligent" breed? You guessed it, the Wire Fox Terrier. Dad expressed some real doubts to Mom about that this morning. He should have been nicer to her on Valentine's Day. We know she takes personally any derogatory remarks he makes about me.

I don't think they got ME any special treats for this special day and, in fact, are leaving me in my "kettle" (Kelby's word for kennel) all evening while they go out-to-dinner. Major bummer. I'd better get extra long walks or there could be trouble.

BTW - these are the "doggone cute" valentines that Kelby took to preschool today. He loves me, man.

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