Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Trip to Ohio

That's right, last weekend they drove me 450 miles (each way) to Ohio to see the oldest grandchildren. At least it was pretty straight driving but I still barfed both ways. I thought maybe I was going to make it but about an hour into the trip, I lost my cookies. After that, Mom put me in my crate in the back of the Highlander. We had a great time out there and I did sleep with Jason the last night. I managed to escape out the door once but decided there were too many big dogs in the neighborhood so I came back right away.

Jason and Nic tried to teach me some new tricks and I also practiced my old tricks for them. I'm pretty darn good at all of them - I've even started to leave the treat on my little foot (much to Mom's delight). Another thing I've caught on to is staying long enough on the floor for Mom to go around the whole loop of the house where I can't even see her. But, Jason and Nic tried to teach me to do a circus dog trick - getting up on the top of one of those huge exercise balls. I'm sort of catching on but need some more work. Watching for the Bus

Our yard is still a sheet of ice - front and back - and I definitely hate it. Too much slipping and sliding and no familiar places to do my business. The Pet Stop guy will come and do the fence as soon as we get a little thaw. This picture is me watching the three neighbor kids waiting for the school bus. I just love kids and my heart aches when I can't go out to see them - maybe when it's warmer.

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