Saturday, February 25, 2006

Mom's New Hobbies

I seem to have been replaced as Mom's current passion. In January I was replaced by the new/used baby grand piano and then this month Mom got a cool, new camera. She does take lots of pictures of me but spends way too much time reading about photography instead of how to take care of dogs. The last good tip she got was about a healthy diet for me. I just want good junk food like everybody else instead of raw eggs with the shells on. Dad gives me dry roasted peanuts which are to die for - they rock! Here's a picture that combines both of Mom's new hobbies and here's Dad and I watching her doing them. Ho-hum.
Darn piano!These glasses make me look smart

Hey, you should go to the Eight Below movie. It's about a team of super-smart and loyal sled dogs in Antarctica. There are a couple of places that make you jump out of your seat so don't take any little kids. Check it out!

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