Friday, February 03, 2006

Anniversary Date

Woohoo! It's two months, today, since my last pee accident. Peeing outside really started working for me when things changed around our house.

Number one, they put a string of sleigh bills on the back door (Jan's suggestion) and taught me how to ring it when I have to get outside quick. I hardly ever use it any more but back then it worked terrific.

Number two, they took away my food and water in between my three feedings. That let us ALL know when it was time to go out. They also took away all water by 7:30 pm. This is really important since I've always slept in their bed.

Number three, they hardly ever let me out of their sight. They didn't really put me back in the crate or confine me to a certain area, but just knew where I was all the time. Sometimes they put the leash on and kept me close by while they were eating or sitting at the computer. However, my last accident took place right by Mom at the computer. What's up with that?

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