Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bull Terrier Wins Best-in-Show at Westminster

I didn't get to watch it but we saw on the Today Show this morning that a distant cousin of mine won Best-in-Show at Westminster. At least he was in the Terrier Group, right? There are even videos to watch from the competition if you have a fast enough computer.

Last night for me was a loser. They took off for a Valentine dinner at 5:30 (after my walk on the golf course) and didn't return until 9:15. I didn't get to go! Mom thought that windey road would be too much for my stomach but had convinced Dawn that I'd gone with them and sat under the table at dinner. Like I would be calm enough to do that! They did leave Animal Planet on for me and I also saw that the Iowa Hawkeyes beat Michigan State - woohoo!

Anyway, I forgot to tell you that I made it to Axel's blog - check it out.

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