Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Best Toys

My Newest Toy
Now that there are so many cyber-Wires with their own blogs, how about telling me what your favorite toys are? How long does it take you to destroy a new toy? Dad bought me this new toy with the weirdest squeaky whine to it. I loved it but it drove us all bezerk. Well, it took me about ten minutes to alter the squeaker to a normal-sounding one. Don't really know how I did it, but now it doesn't damage our ear drums. I think the only toy that I haven't ruinied in some way is the Kong. We have a medium-sized one that Dad uses to jam a liver-snap into. This is supposed to keep me entertained in my crate while they are gone. Right! I now can remove the treat before they are even out the door. Sadly we left it behind in Ohio and it wound up in their toy box, of course.


Butchy & Snickers said...

Hi Bogie,
We have lots of favorite toys, right now mine (Butchy) is my purple gorilla. Mom has had to sew him up at least 10 times already. I can wreck a squeaker faster than you can shake your wirey tail! (Snickers)My favorite toy is my pink doggie. It has squeakers in all kinds of places. I hardly ever wreck my toys, but Butchy is very hard on them, he bites and grabs them so hard they always rip and get holes in them. Mom sews them up until there is nothing left to sew! Haven't tried a kong yet. Maybe Mom will buy us one.
Butchy & Snickers Lamb

Anonymous said...

Hi Bogie,

I'm right with you on toy destruction. Don't people get it that squeaky, fuzzy, bouncy things need to be attacked and dismembered immediately? Whoever invented the "chewmometer" rating some toys have obviously never met me! And don't even get me started on tennis balls. What a joke! My kong and my rubber jack are the only toys I have left. Oh and raquet balls. These somehow I haven't been able to sink my teeth all the way through yet...just give me time.


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