Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Movies and Barking

Teaching Me a New Trick
I mentioned a movie-with-dogs in my post from a couple of days and just remembered what I heard about the Firewall movie. The dog kind of saves the day in the end. Don't read any further if you haven't seen it. His name is Rusty, I think. These kidnappers get so mad about the dog's barking they toss him out of the van and take the rest of the family to the hideout house. Well, Rusty still manages to do his job and leads Harrison Ford to the right place. See, barking can be ok sometimes.

Mom finds my high bark especially annoying. I really only use this one when I see another dog - a smaller dog. I'm pretty quiet when we come across big dogs but when I see one that I think I could take, I really cause a scene. When we were out at lunch today we saw Bailey, one of the many Westies that seem to inhabit our neighborhood. They never pay any attention to me and are so well-mannered ... well, let's just say I don't appreciate it. I was really ticked, though, when Mom cut our walk short because of my yelping and we just turned around and went home.

Here's a picture of me with Jason and Nic teaching me how to stand on an exercise ball - hey, Axel, it's really not a planet. It's another ball to play with! Jason can do super tricks like jumping over it really fast while doing the splits. I'm not afraid of anything - except balancing on that ball! Kids are great toys, too, aren't they?

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