Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Back to Normal - Sort Of

Extreme Closeup
All the company is gone now so life is back to normal - pretty boring during the day. Let's see - the other day a package arrived for me from Cherrybrook. The reason I really like them is that they send me a great dog biscuit, just my size, with each order. Mom ordered our third stripping knife. Since we now have a Course, Medium and Fine, you'd think I'd be looking fine. Maybe this weekend we'll have time for some heavy-duty grooming. The last time I got a bath at home I behaved like a maniacal terrorist. I tore around the house and knocked over lamps and slammed into walls. We have wood floors so I sometimes lose my balance. Mom and Dad seem very entertained when it happens. Mom's still fine-tuning her camera skills and trying to take everything on manual mode. This one doesn't make my nose look too big, does it?

It's been raining all day and somehow a lake has appeared in our back yard. Holy Cow! The water practically comes up to my little knees when I have to wade out there to do my business. Not good.
Cherrybrook Package

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