Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Underground Fence - Day 3

We seem to be making a little progress today. At lunch time, instead of going for a walk, we played in the back yard. This is a totally new and cool sensation for me - being able to really run in my own yard. Look Ma, no leash! I'm still nervous enough (or smart enough) that I'll only do my business in the leaves at the base of the deck but man, it's a blast to run. I almost forgot about the flags once but put the brakes on just in time after I heard that beep. There really isn't much room beside the house so I'm steering clear of that. Once, when the ball went about three feet from the flag I decided it really wasn't a good idea to go any farther.

Holy Cow it's been windy here. Don't I look like my ears are going to catch the wind and take me away? Fly Away The sporty collar with the big round jewel is the one that Dave from PetStop brought me.

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