Thursday, March 23, 2006

Meeting the Neighbors

We had encounters with several neighbors yesterday. First, we finally saw Roxie again. She's on her way today to stay at Nana and Papa's while her folks are off to Ireland for two weeks. You know what it means to vacation with retirees?! Lots of long walks. They told us yesterday that Roxie just loves boat-riding with the wind in her hair and all the fun. Here's a picture of her from a couple summers ago when she was on her Aunt Maria and Uncle Jim's boat. They made her wear a harness as they were afraid she might jump. She did miss the jump to the pier and they had to haul her out by the harness. Dad's barber takes their two Westies to our lake and one of them couldn't remember how to do the dog paddle so she started to sink. Van had to jump in the lake to save her! It all sounds pretty darn exciting and we Wires love excitement.

After Roxie, we visited with a neighbor lady down the street who has had her eye on me. Seems they lost their old friend a while ago and think a WFT might be the right one for them. I behave so good while we stand and talk that I lure them into thinking a WFT is easy. Au contraire!

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