Friday, April 28, 2006


Yikes - Dad practically cut off my foot on Wednesday night. Well, I may be exaggerating just a little. He decided to be bold and try to trim my toe nails all by himself. This was really pretty silly, since we all know we have problems getting me to keep still when he holds me and Mom does the trimming. Anyway, Mom came home from the store on Wednesday evening, and there I was looking quite forlorn and locked up in my crate. Since this is highly unusual, Mom mistakenly assumed I'd been naughty. Dad sheepishly admitted he'd cut my toenail "a little bit short" and there had been blood involved. Well, it's actually cut half off but since it wasn't bleeding any more I was totally ready for my evening walk. The vet says we can put some neosporin on it a couple of times a day but if it's not bothering me (and it isn't) then everything's cool. Dad felt pretty awful about hurting me, though, and was sure we would need to make an emergency visit to Dr. Heitzman.

BTW, Jennie, Terence and Diva - we live in Freeport, IL, just west of Rockford and would be so excited and puppy-pleased to have you all come and visit us here for a playdate. If you truly want to set it up, email us at the address listed in our profile. P.S. - maybe we could get Roxie to join us, too. The more wires the merrier.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tub on the Deck

Wow, we're just so busy working outside these days we don't have much time to write. Last weekend I was shocked to find out that underneath this thing that I've been standing on (to see into the dining room), there's a big tub of water. My folks are into coming out here in the evening and taking a nice, hot soak and looking up at the stars and the moon. Meanwhile, I prowl around the outside and keep a watch for coyotes and cats. Sometimes I relax enough to curl up on one of their towels.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Weekend Update

The weekend started out with bad storms in Iowa. Our family that live in Iowa City called us from their basement on Thursday evening. They had taken both kids down there and they didn't even wake up. Thankfully, they were all ok but there was lots of damage from a tornado in the downtown area. This is one of the pictures they took.

We had lots of company over the weekend and with the little kids around it always means I get to clean up after them. Unfortunately, I found some Easter chocolates before it even got into their hands and we think it gave me some "bad dog" symptoms. I was extra grouchy and hyper and needed a couple of "time-outs" in my crate. Mom finally figured out the cause when I barfed up a bunch of tin foil wrappers in my crate.

Yesterday it rained the entire day so we didn't get out for any exercise at all. The house is back to normal, now, with just the three of us.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More Good Dog Stuff

Last night Mom was tired so we went to bed early to read. We just started, "Marley and Me, Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog" by John Grogan. That title got our interest right away. What a hoot! This book is on the bestseller list and since there were too many holds on it at our library we decided to take advantage of free shipping and make another order from Amazon. John's description of Marley in the car sounds a little bit like me. Marley drools profusely, like I do, and our folks have to keep a towel in the car to wipe off the slobber that projects onto the dashboard. So far, he doesn't seem like a bad dog at all - just an active one.

Dad and I took a spectacular walk right at sunset. We headed to the west to get a better view and when we turned back we were met by an equally beautiful rainbow that seemed like it was put there just for us. Dad believes it was a sign from God since he had had to talk to his mother about hospice earlier in the evening. Interesting, our devotion from Tuesday morning was called, "The Glorious Sunset."

Monday, April 10, 2006

Weekend Update

This was my role the entire weekend. I diligently kept watch so the squirrels didn't clean out the newly-filled bird feeders. I want all the seed dropped on the ground for myself! Mmm... tasty. Since Dave from Pet Stop came on Friday and made some new "corrections" to the invisibile fence, I stayed in the yard. Dad spent many hours putting up a barrier at the base of the deck. This morning while I was out I found the opening through the steps and managed to worm my way through and get nice and dirty. Dad's trying to figure out how to take care of that problem, now.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Indecent Proposal

Wow, I received the most enticing email today from a diva of a wire. Seems she fell in love with me by reading about me and drooling over my pictures on this blog. She proposed that we get together to "make some babies." Amazingly, she lives less than 25 miles from me! I was sooooo very sorry to turn down this offer but proposed that we set up a "play date" instead. You see, I would sorely disappoint her and her folks by not producing what they need. I just look like a hunk of a pup in my pictures but I'm sort of an in-between gender, I guess. Plus, she might change her mind after seeing this picture of one of my newer unpleasant habits - getting a nice, cold drink from the loo.

Slurpy licks to my diva from Illinois. Sighhh.....

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Another Break-Through

When Mom came home from Wal-Mart tonight Dad had some pretty sad news to report about my behavior. I must admit that I had another fence break-through when a cat came prowling along my fence line earlier this evening. I took off at the speed of light and the next thing we knew I was on the neighbor's deck trying to dislodge "That Darn Cat". That cat was purr-fectly naughty to run away from me since all I wanted to do was play with that darn cat and instead got a purr-fectly horrible shock in my neck. "Holy Crap"! It has been two weeks since my last break-through and when I ignored the two neighbor cockers this morning, Mom thought I was probably trained. A cocker was standing right at one of the flags and as I started to tentatively advance on it I heard the beep so I quickly retreated. Tonight, I was moving too darn fast to even send a signal to my "wire-brain" to STOP.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Faith - An Amazing Dog

We just heard about this incredible dog that was born with only her back legs. Her family taught her first to hop on them and now she walks everywhere just like my folks do. I was amazed when we sat and watched this video together. You will be too.


Last weekend was a totally new experience for me. I had a "sleep-over" at the groomers! Since I had to get groomed (I was too scruffy) the folks decided I should stay over as they were going to Chicago and I never get to travel there with them. I knew something was up when my bag was packed with Iam's, two leashes, harness and toys. They came back and picked me up on Saturday and I wasn't really that anxious to leave. I had a terrierific time! Those girls like me there and boy, do I look good again. But, when they came to pick me up they had Paige in the car so, needless to say, they didn't give me the attention I deserved after our separation. Here I am looking pretty forlorn after she and Dad went downstairs to play with the toys and shut me out! What's up with that? Paige was kinda' bossy and made darn sure I didn't run off with any of "her toys". I thought they were ALL mine.