Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tub on the Deck

Wow, we're just so busy working outside these days we don't have much time to write. Last weekend I was shocked to find out that underneath this thing that I've been standing on (to see into the dining room), there's a big tub of water. My folks are into coming out here in the evening and taking a nice, hot soak and looking up at the stars and the moon. Meanwhile, I prowl around the outside and keep a watch for coyotes and cats. Sometimes I relax enough to curl up on one of their towels.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bogie,
Wondering where you live in Illinois? We have lots of relatives in Illinois and travel there several times per year from Indianapolis. Maybe we could meet.
Jennie and WFT Terence

Diva said...

Hi there Bogie!!
We should all get together with as many WFTs as we can find. Jennie and Terence too. Oh what fun!
That would be much better than my last weekend.
Mama and Papouli left my sister Ruby and I at the kennel...just like dogs! How boring. But we got them back. They sent bones and our big pillow so we wouldn't get homesick. We chewed 'em up! Pillow too. hehhehheh.
They went to relatives for ortho doc's Easter. I don't think it was about getting us more bones though.
Some other celebration I gather.
Love your backyard pool. Don't you just love the water?? I sure do. I even like to "dig" in my water bowl. Makes such a lovely mess.
Love you Bogie,