Friday, April 28, 2006


Yikes - Dad practically cut off my foot on Wednesday night. Well, I may be exaggerating just a little. He decided to be bold and try to trim my toe nails all by himself. This was really pretty silly, since we all know we have problems getting me to keep still when he holds me and Mom does the trimming. Anyway, Mom came home from the store on Wednesday evening, and there I was looking quite forlorn and locked up in my crate. Since this is highly unusual, Mom mistakenly assumed I'd been naughty. Dad sheepishly admitted he'd cut my toenail "a little bit short" and there had been blood involved. Well, it's actually cut half off but since it wasn't bleeding any more I was totally ready for my evening walk. The vet says we can put some neosporin on it a couple of times a day but if it's not bothering me (and it isn't) then everything's cool. Dad felt pretty awful about hurting me, though, and was sure we would need to make an emergency visit to Dr. Heitzman.

BTW, Jennie, Terence and Diva - we live in Freeport, IL, just west of Rockford and would be so excited and puppy-pleased to have you all come and visit us here for a playdate. If you truly want to set it up, email us at the address listed in our profile. P.S. - maybe we could get Roxie to join us, too. The more wires the merrier.

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Butchy & Snickers said...

Hi Bogie,
Our dad's stepfather was from Freeport, IL. He moved here to Iowa when he married dad's mom. What a small world. Wonder if you knew him? Curt Barlett. His previous wife's name was Shirley (she passed away sadly from heart trouble). Suggestion from our Mom to yours, get a grinding tool from Menards to do Bogie's nails. Best investment we ever bought. It was only about $30, can use it on the dog's nails and around the house too. Comes with all kinds of attachments. Both Snickers & Butchy do better with this than the old clippers. Even if you grind down too far and see a blood spot, you hold the grinding stone still on the spot for a few seconds and it seals the wound.
Butchy & Snickers