Monday, April 17, 2006

Weekend Update

The weekend started out with bad storms in Iowa. Our family that live in Iowa City called us from their basement on Thursday evening. They had taken both kids down there and they didn't even wake up. Thankfully, they were all ok but there was lots of damage from a tornado in the downtown area. This is one of the pictures they took.

We had lots of company over the weekend and with the little kids around it always means I get to clean up after them. Unfortunately, I found some Easter chocolates before it even got into their hands and we think it gave me some "bad dog" symptoms. I was extra grouchy and hyper and needed a couple of "time-outs" in my crate. Mom finally figured out the cause when I barfed up a bunch of tin foil wrappers in my crate.

Yesterday it rained the entire day so we didn't get out for any exercise at all. The house is back to normal, now, with just the three of us.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bogie,
I'm Gracie and I got a hold of a couple of double chocolate chunk cookies and boy was I sick too!

Wired for Mackie said...

Wow, Bogie! I'm so glad everyone is alright. take care out there with all those storms, okay?!