Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Another Break-Through

When Mom came home from Wal-Mart tonight Dad had some pretty sad news to report about my behavior. I must admit that I had another fence break-through when a cat came prowling along my fence line earlier this evening. I took off at the speed of light and the next thing we knew I was on the neighbor's deck trying to dislodge "That Darn Cat". That cat was purr-fectly naughty to run away from me since all I wanted to do was play with that darn cat and instead got a purr-fectly horrible shock in my neck. "Holy Crap"! It has been two weeks since my last break-through and when I ignored the two neighbor cockers this morning, Mom thought I was probably trained. A cocker was standing right at one of the flags and as I started to tentatively advance on it I heard the beep so I quickly retreated. Tonight, I was moving too darn fast to even send a signal to my "wire-brain" to STOP.

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