Monday, May 01, 2006

Weekend Update

We had a very busy weekend. On Saturday morning we worked outside and I got to go for a nice, long walk with Dad. After we came back in, Dad, of course, needed a little nap so I went downstairs with him and Mom got on the computer (typical). I thought I smelled something yummy coming from the direction of the kitchen (my sense of smell is way more acute than my sight or hearing) and so I very, very quietly snuck up the steps and found a nice chunk of Muenster cheese laying on the counter. Mom didn't realize I was even upstairs until she came out to the kitchen to put the cheese away and found an empty bag laying on the counter! They always comment on how I eat food so much slower than old Kanzi girl but this time I had it all wolfed down by the time she found me.

After our rest and relaxation time we got ready to drive to Dubuque. That windey hiway 20 makes me sick on a good day and this time I had undigested Muenster to barf up - what a mess. Then, we get into Barb's house and Sam, their golden, decides to show me she's the alpha lady and curls up her lip and gives me a low growl. She did this about three times until I went away and curled up on the carpet. Barfing always wipes me out anyway. I wish I could have played with their cat, but I had to stay on the leash all the time.

They did some shopping and ate at Bishops while I rested in the car. It rained on us all the way home and so we had a late night. I actually was so exhausted that I let them sleep until 7:20 on Sunday morning. Man, did they appreciate that. I woke up to white-caps on the bird bath - brrrrr. Dad still took me for a walk before church and Mom took me for one in the park in the afternoon so it ended pretty good.

Dirty DogSince Mom and Dad have been planting, dividing and digging in the gardens, they leave me perfect digging opportunities. I had to have a quick bath before they left for work this morning - "I'm a sight", as Opie Taylor used to say.

Butchy and Snickers sure have some awesome photos on their blog. They have a beautiful place to explore with ponds, birds and frogs. Check it out!


Butchy & Snickers said...

Hi Bogie,
Awh, you look so sweet all full of mud! Is that a new doggie makeup?? Snickers has done that a few times, she likes to dig up the rocks to get to the mud. Sometimes she digs up the wood chips trying to get to the dirt too!
Butchy & Snickers

Gus said...

I am usually a very good car traveller, but even I get barfy if I have had any milk stuff. Muzzer watches me closely for a day or so before we travel, and I can't even score from Dad! Hope you are feeling better now.