Sunday, March 12, 2006

Underground Fence - Day 1

My beloved yard has turned against me and I'm having a hard time understanding what happened. There are a bunch of new, white flags marching around the outisde of the back and front yard and I got a new collar from Dave at PetStop. He only has dogs for children so he liked me alot. I thought I had the whole thing figured out cause I hear a little beep as a warning if I get too close to one of the flags. It took me about three times to figure out you have to STOP when you hear the beep or else! Here I am trying to decide what to do about the terror lurking in the back yard.

Then, Dad was feeling like I was so smart and took me to the front yard. I didn't see any flags on the driveway so I charged right on over the wire. YIKES! Dad felt very bad and assumes all responsibility for it. Anyway, I'm now sort of terrified to get off the deck. I barfed twice yesterday and we're not sure if it was caused by my anxiety or if it was due to the freezer-burned chicken strips I thieved from the kitchen waste basket. Mom likes to call me, "Garbage Man."

Andy was here this weekend and played my favorite game, "Chase", with me. He's pretty darn fast but ha-ha he couldn't catch me either. They all did a bit of hollering when Iowa beat Ohio State today. Anyway, the carpet cleaners come tomorrow so maybe Monday won't be too boring.

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