Thursday, February 16, 2006

Our Yard

Pet Stop Flag
Our yard is on a golf course, so, since I can't go off chasing golf balls and golfers this summer, it appears we're going to have an electric fence installed. I really liked the guy from Pet Stop when he came to check out our yard last week but just couldn't figure out why they were roaming around and not playing with ME. They're trying to devise a fence design that will: keep me out of the flower beds, out from under our deck (where cats like to hide) and out of the front yard. Good luck with that!

So, we have a funny story to tell you about the proposed fence and a conversation with Kelby. Kelby is four and a very deep thinker - he appears to be more "intelligent" than I am and I do love to chase him around. Anyway, my Mom was telling him about how this fence will work. Aargh - sounds too awful to be true. Then, he sits there and thinks about it for a couple of minutes and comes up with this: "One time, when I was a baby, my Mom put me out in the back yard and when I reached under the electric fence it stung me." How cute is that? Mom had to explain to him that this type of "correction" is only used on dogs.

Holy cow, it's raining cats and dogs today!

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