Monday, February 27, 2006


I got to be free of my crate this afternoon. Yep, after Mom rubber-banded the cupboard doors where the garbage can is, put up the bathroom wastebaskets and closed the laundry room doors she went back to work. This was after our daily lunch-time walk which was later than usual. She kind of faked me out, though, just to see what I'd do. She threw the treat in the crate and pretended to shut the door. Anyway, I found my way out and was standing on the ottomon when she returned at five. I found a paper that didn't look important at all on the floor and totally shredded that but otherwise I was pretty darn good. Turns out the paper was kind of important, though; her eye prescription. Oh, well.

After work Mom had to do double-duty and take me for my evening walk on the golf course. We checked out the bluebird houses which are now closed up. Did you know the male bluebirds come back super early - when it's still freezing - to check out potential nesting places. So, there's a couple of people that live around here who keep them cleaned out and ready. I love to tear around in circles on the golf course and hope spring-time golfers don't put an end to our playtime.

While we were watching our Blockbuster movie tonight, In Her Shoes, I'm sure I saw that cat again on our deck. I'm totally convinced it's living under MY deck actually. I did some crazy stuff looking for him - running around behind the TV and jumping at the TV. Well, it looked like that's the direction he went anyway. Sometimes I can't figure out things like that. Like, when there's barking on the TV I'm running all over the house looking for those darn dogs! In the movie tonight, both of those cuties, Cameron and Toni, spend time as dog walkers.

Another one of my Mom's hobbies is scrapbooking (so far I'm only on two pages) so she spends way too much time reading the message boards at Two Peas in a Bucket. Check out this incredible dog and cat photograph.

Be sure to read Axel's blog today, too. He talks about me (among others)

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