Monday, July 31, 2006

Jane Addams Trail

Here we are in cooler times walking on the Jane Addams Trail near our town. Jane Addams was pretty famous, I guess, and was born in a small town north of here. We actually know the people who just bought this awesome acreage. Jane Addams started the Hull House in Chicago. It's been blazing hot here just like in most of the country so this picture makes me long for nice, cool walks in the country.


Diva said...

Hi Bogie Boy!

Me and my mom walk on the Jane Adams trail quite alot too.
I really love all the smells. She lets me walk on a long long leash and I can stop and smell stuff while she keeps walking. Kinda trips up other peoples though if they come along. Isn't it just great to have it in our area.

ALso, if this heat ever lets up you gotta try the dog park. If you don't belong it's only $2 for a day...otherwise $25 for a year.
Me and my new friend (WFT) who we helped rescue and took his people to pick him up are going to go to the park when it gets cooler. His name was Magnum (by the rescue lady) but his new peoples renamed him Clancy. Quite fitting I think.
Maybe we can all play there in the park someday.

Love ya Bogie,

Bogie said...

Dear Diva,
My nose is the most active part of my so I go nuts when we walk on the trail. Do you have a picture to send us? We do belong to the Dog Park but when we went there weren't any other dogs to play with. Let's all play together. Email us -

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Wow nice place for a walkie! The green colors are so different from the greens here in the subtropics.

Bussie Kissies

Sammy said...

Hi Bogie,

Just stopped by to say hello. I'm trying to make new friends. That looks like a really cool place to walk; can I come, too?