Saturday, July 01, 2006


Hey Wires out there,
Do you like the sound of fireworks or do they drive you nuts? Do you bark, are you scared or do you wonder what in the heck is going on all of a sudden? I just growl at them.

I have a new trick! Last night when we were watching Ultimate Dog Championships on Animal Planet, I got so excited to see a Jack Russell competing in the Fly Ball contest. I jumped up to the TV to get a closer look and I changed the channel. Mom and Dad just laughed and laughed - they thought I was very clever. The fastest dogs were the border collies, of course, but there was a speedy little rat terrier, too.

This morning on our walk we met a new dog. Sally looked so much like one of those fast border collies that I did my submission routine and started crouching low long before we got to her. She was a friendly pup and we hope to meet her again soon.

Here are a couple of the flower pictures from Mom's garden. Dad and I do most of the watering because I'm crazy about the hose. I bite at the water and bark and chase the hose all over the place. I'm a nut!

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