Friday, July 07, 2006

Another New Trick

Hey, guess what. Not only can I change the channel on the TV but I also know how to lower the volume. No, I don't use the remote - really. I just get so excited when I see those dog tricks that I jump up there and start pushing buttons.

Mom had a few friends over for lunch yesterday and she was so impressed at what a good boy I was. I didn't bark when they came and hardly jumped on them at all when I got to come in and meet them. That was after Dad took me for a walk and I was powerful thirsty. Two of Mom's friends had used our ladies room and the other was about to enter when I beat her to it. They came in and saw me half-way into the stool getting a huge drink. She decided she'd use the bathroom at work after seeing that! I just don't like my bowl water any more now that I've discovered the icy cold stool water.

Here's a photo Mom took of me guarding the front yard. We had a good day at home today since Mom's off on Fridays in the summer and I hear we're going boating at the Mississippi tomorrow and I get to go.

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Mango & Party said...

Hi Bogie,

Guess what?! We have a similar room which holds the huge drinking stand... hmm... the water sounds delicious, perhaps we ought to give it a try, the next time mummy goes to work.

Do add us in your blog! It's been so great to visit wiry sites for more cool ideas to impress our mummy!

Wiry cheers,
Mango & Party