Monday, July 24, 2006

Another Weekend Trip

I went to Dubuque again - I think this is my third trip. Despite no food all morning, I still got sick when we stopped in Galena. I got to see Barb's old golden, Samantha, again but she didn't like me any better than she did last time. And, I liked her ALOT, if you know what I mean. She turns up her lip and gives me a low growl and just ignores me. Can you believe that? This is the rainbow we saw when we started our trip back home.
You know how I have this kleenex fetish and continuously drag and shred the kleenex out of our bathroom wastebaskets? Well, being my usual nosy self I ran right up to Barb's second floor and found their wastebaskets to plunder. Mom was embarrassed by my audacity. Mom also left me out of the crate for 20 minutes last Friday and I proceeded to pull the garbage bag through the small opening that that darn kid's lock allows and shredded the bag to pieces.

Speaking of cute, I got lots of compliments in the past few days when I was out walking with Mom. One lady said over-and-over how "beautiful" I was and another told me I had a "pretty face". Man, I'm a handsome boy dog - can't they see that? Anyway, remember to vote for me on the Barkslope dog-of-the-month contest. OK? A big thanks to all of you pups who already voted. If I could see you I'd wag my tail and give you some good licks. (Doesn't that poor little Eugene dog look sad in his clothes?)

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Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I voted for youa a whole bunch of times.

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