Sunday, July 09, 2006

Old Man River

The Mississippi river sure is bigger and dirtier than our little lake. We stopped on two different sand bars. At the first one I got to dig as much as I wanted (which is alot). At the second one I found a huge clam and met this delightful dog named Dixie. She's a mixture of King Charles Spaniel and German Shepherd. Isn't she a beauty? I did my crouching thing when she came over to our piece of the beach and then, too soon, she was gone. I now believe in love-at-first-sight. Here I am already missing my Dixie dog friend.

Mom and Dad were astonished when we spotted a bald eagle flying real close alongside our boat and were able to follow it landing in a tree. We saw herons and cormorants and some curiously large fish jumping in the water. We watched a barge go by and yearned after many large houseboats. Oh, well, we were happy to come home and sleep in our own bed.


Diva said...

Hey! Hi Bogie!

I had a great weekend too. We went to Devil's lake and had a picnic. MMMmMMMMMmmm.

There was a dog beach there too where they let the dogs run and swim in the water.
Met lotsa dogs.

Mom said I smelled much better than when I stick my head in our pond. She tells me I have pond head and then Poppa gives me a bath. I don't mind though 'cause then I get lots of hugs and kisses.

If I'm bad though she calls me brillo butt and I know it's tiime to get out of sight.

Glad you got to meet more friends.
Isn't the water fun??

love ya

Wiry Axel said...

Happy Birthday Bogie!