Saturday, July 08, 2006

Upcoming Birthday

I think my special day is almost here. I will turn one on July 15th so we should celebrate next weekend when we celebrate Dawn's 36th birthday. Mom went shopping in Rockford yesterday and brought home a sack that smells like some new treats. Maybe there are new toys, too. I haven't had a new toy for an awfully long time. I'd love to have a party and invite Roxie from down the street. We want to go play at the dog park together and wear party hats, although Mom and Dad are anti-clothes-for-dogs. We are looking forward to seeing the clothes that Butchy and Snickers' Mom is going to create - she's a designer and talented gardener!

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fee said...

dear bogie,

a birthday? wow, that sounds exciting! i can't wait to find out what happens in a birthday party because i haven't had one yet (will do on 15 november this year). i am so excited for you! do remember to tell us all about it here!