Sunday, July 16, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

Yep - I'm one year old now as of July 15th. I'm so honored that Axel wished me a Happy Birthday - thanks buddy. I'm sure he saw it on the Yahoo group calendar. I added some photos from my party - well, it was really Dawn's cake but the other photo shows the presents that I got from Mom, Dad and the Andersons. It was super cool to spend it in Iowa City with the kids. I was really good with them so nobody had to spank me on my birthday. Birthday Cake (Dawn's)My Cool Presents

On the way to Iowa City I barfed all over the inside of Dad's truck. So, on the way home I rode with Mom, of course. She didn't give me anything to eat all morning and I tried my best not to get sick. I closed my eyes half-way, my ears were back, I drooled buckets, I shook like a leaf but I managed to keep down my cookies.


Gus said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry to hear about your tummy. My muzzer gets carsick too, but Dad and I try to take care of her. I sit on her lap and lick her face! Do you think it would help you feel better? Muzzer starts to laugh and it seems to help her. Anyway, enjoy your new toys and treats.

Luci & Raisin said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope your tummy is feeling better today and you get to enjoy the treats and toys you got. We're going to hang out at the pool today because it's very, very hot.