Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Itty Bitty Barker

Mom was thrilled to get home yesterday and find our Itty Bitty Barker had been delivered. Melissa Schultz is the artist and she loves animals! You can find lots of other dog sculptures, too, so check them out. We wanted it, of course, because Barker is my last name. Looks like she doesn't have any Wires available right now but I bet she will soon.

My buddy, Axel, thinks I should post a direct link to the dog-of-the-month voting on Barkslope. Here's the link for July. Thanks for your vote, too Mackie. Mom and I think your black-and-white photo is very artsy.


Melissa said...

Thanks for putting my barker on your blog!!!

Gus said...

We voted! Thanks for the link, we couldn't find it last night

The Latshaws said...

We voted too Bogie! Good luck!


Diva said...

Hi Bogie
Loved your picture and I voted for you too!!!
My Mom sent in one of my baby pictures today. Maybe I can win in the future. I really thought she should've sent in my beauty pictures but she said the puppy pix were cute.
That Diva on the site is sure NOT me!!! I am much much more beautiful. I am the DIVA.

Love ya

Luci & Raisin said...

We just voted for you Bogie. You are certainly the best looking of all the doggies entered. We've got our paws crossed that you win.

Life with Ozzy said...

Bogie! I voted for you anything to let a wire get ahead in the world wide web works for me! Good luck my wired friend!