Thursday, August 03, 2006

Dogs on My Radar

I have encountered a dangerous-looking dog in my back yard. Actually, we think it was a coydog and I went crazy when it came sauntering through MY backyard. We saw it both Sunday and Monday evening. Mom's nervous that it's going to go after me but Dad says I'm way too tough to tangle with. This is what a coydog looks like - have you ever heard of them?

On a lighter note, dogs saving lives have been in the news lately. There's the story of Belle, the beagle, who used her owner's cell phone to dial 9-1-1. We also heard on the radio about a couple of dogs that are receiving awards for finding a boy buried in the sand but we just can't locate the story on the internet. Do you know any stories like these?

It's finally a cooler day today so I should get a couple of decent walk out of Mom and Dad. That is, if I can ignore the varmint that I smell in our garage. I had to be drug inside this morning with my little heart pounding - I need to find that varmint!


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Oh boy he looks like he'd be hard to tangle with!


Diva said...

have not seen a coydog in my neck of the woods but we have many many coyotes in the area. We can hear them singing in the evening and I think they come right up near the house in the night.

A neighbor had a coyote pup last spring. Apparently found the mother dead and felt sorry for the pup. Raised him with their domestic dog and he was just like a pet but they felt it was only a matter of time... so they took him out to the hills of JoDavies county and turned him loose.
Wonder if his natural abilities took over or if he didn't know what to do and how to hunt and defend himself and died. Not a good story.


Sammy said...

Hi, I haven't seen a coydog in my area either, but Mom knows some people who have dogs that are part wolf. And Mom actually knew a lady that had a wolf and she petted him and everything. Surely the people who have the coydog wouldn't have him if he was dangerous to have???? Wow, I hope not.

Bogart said...

We have lots of coydogs here (but I didn't know they were called that - hey, I learned something!) in Los Angeles, and coyotes too... it's always dangerous for dogs and cats to tangle with 'em, they're pretty wild. Sometimes I hear them outside my window (we live near a park area)... oooo, scary.