Thursday, August 17, 2006

Weekend Update

Wow, it's been over a week since we talked about me on the computer. Mom is too busy now because school is starting at her college and Dad was gone all day to the PGA championship so I was stuck in my crate the whole day. I'm feeling very neglected.

Last weekend was lots of fun, though. Jason and Nic were here with their folks and Paigey was here with hers. Paige is pretty bossy with me but I love her to pieces any way. The boys are good at throwing my toys. The best part was playing with those Magic Bubbles. I love to run and jump after them and snap my teeth.

Dinna and Mark took me running every day with them. It was cool to get all that exercise but oh, my aching feet. I've got a blister that I'm working on fixing now.

The two cockers from two doors down finally came into my yard for a visit. The younger one and I spent about fifteen minutes seeing who could run fastest in circles around our back yard. You know us boys, it's all about how fast you can run and that's it. Holly, on the other hand, was super smart. She cut me off and nearly caught me time after time. I never caught on - just ran faster. It was a hoot!

I'm trying to get together with my friend, Diva, but so far it hasn't worked out. I'm just aching to meet her. Be sure and vote for her over on Barkslope, ok?

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