Sunday, August 06, 2006

What is that Thing in MY Yard?

I was just minding my own business when around the corner of MY house comes a golf cart. I was shocked when Mom and Dad drove right up the driveway in a strange-looking vehicle. Huuh??? What is it? I let them know I wasn't happy about it.

Tonight, Mom and I are home alone as Dad had to go to Chicago. We are watching Stuart Little II. I just love that little white mouse and the big, white cat named Snowbelle. The mouse looks nothing like the nasty brown vermin that I'm after in my garage. I'm sitting on the stool about two feet from the TV staring. Occasionally I jump up there to see if I can grab one of those cats.

A couple of weeks ago I figured out that I could get from the back yard to the front yard. I had been too terrified that I would get shocked, but you know us terriers, we're always testing our boundaries. Mom really wanted me to stay in the backyard since they leave me out sometimes when they're gone, but, that's the breaks.

Mom believes I've finally given up my disgusting habit of shredding the kleenex in the wastebaskets since she hasn't seen any evidence for a while. She thinks I might have matured enough to try the next out-of-crate experiment. Mmmm.....


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I have never been in a crate. I run free all the time and if I do do anything bad doggish, I just turn my head and don't see it when they try to bring it to my attention! Such as - "poop? poop? what poop?".

Bussie Kissies

Diva said...

Yaaa, my peoples tried that crate thing. That's not for me. I made it clear. It took some one on one with Mom for me to understand the peep/poop thing. Still get it wrong sometimes. But now that I'm 2yrs old it seems to have come to me that going outside is a fun thing to do and I get to sniff and scratch and look for critters. I also go potty if I don't get too busy snooping. But Mom says some days I have ADD disorder and forget what I'm going for.
I pretty much left the chewing stage too. Mom never spanked me she just took away the no-chew item and replaced it with something I was allowed to chew.
I'm pretty smart...I got the picture.
Good luck on loosing the crate.
Love ya,