Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Funny Photo

Mom snapped this picture of me this afternoon during our lunch break. Grass EaterMom or Dad still come home everyday to let me out of my "kettle" as Kelby calls it. Sometimes they take me for a walk or sometimes I just get to romp around in my back yard or lay in the sunshine on my deck. Then, in the evening, lots of times I get another walk. Yesterday, I got two and today I just got one. Tonight we met a new neighbor dog named Truffles. He's part poodle and was so nice. His Mom takes him to the Dog Park almost every single day.


Diva said...

Hi Bogie boy!!1
I know Truffles! I met him at the dog park last summer and have seen him lots of times since. He's fun to play with too.
Didn't we have just the greatest time ever at the park?? Mom said I got so dirty she couldn't see any white on me. I got a bath when I got home. Baths are okay but I hate my head to be washed. Mom said I have to go to the parlour again to have my trim and strip. Woo woo!
Hope we can meet again at the park soon.
Love ya,
Diva dogge

Wiry Axel said...

Holy Moly, that is some jaw and teeth...I thought you were a lion for a second and it gave me the willies!