Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I had a brand new experience yesterday - I got a ham bone! They never shared their bones with me before, just toast, cereal, dry-roasted peanuts, popcorn, cookies, etc. Bones are the best! I love to chew on things more than anything else and this really puts my big teeth to the test. How about you guys - do you get to chew on real, meat bones??


Peanut said...

Real bones are the best. I like the cow leg bones my mom gets for me.

Anonymous said...

We don't. Nylabones for us. Dakota says she used to get real bones when she was a baby. Bragger!

Diva said...

OH Bogie!
Those big dog size bones are the best!! Mom gets me some from Brennan's in Monroe. They're real bones that are cut and cooked a bit just for dogs. I think they actually come from the meat place in Lena, Ill. And they take them to Brennen's to sell there too. They're really good and have lots of that middle stuff in 'em. Not too expensive and MMMMMMmmmm Good!
Love dem bones!

Anonymous said...

I get a steak bone to celebrate steak nite every Saturday. Love those things.

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