Thursday, September 28, 2006

Our Walk Tonight

We got to go out in the country and walk on the Jane Addams trail again tonight. I love all the sights and sounds but not the car ride. I don't remember ever seeing cows up close before, have you? cowI sure wanted to jump out of the car and "herd" them or whatever we're supposed to do. car ride
Hey, where are our eyes?? I don't see my eyes OR the cow's eyes. Too weird.


Jay said...

That cow looks HUGE!! I wouldn't dare go near it :P

Anonymous said...

My Mom says if you push on a cow it falls over!

Bussie Kissies

Diva said...

Yeah Bogie
Did you ever try cow tipping?
Buster's Mom is right. It's great sport.
How've you been?
I haven't been at the park lately.
It's been too cold for me since I went to the parlour and got my hair trimmed. TRIMMED! She cut off all my hair! All my wirey stuff too. Mom has put sweatshirts on me eversince. I could never swim in the pond. I would get too cold. I'm like one of those hairless dogs. Now mom will have to start all over with my wirey hair and stripping.
She's not happy.
Love ya, hope to see ya b4 the snow flies.

Bogie said...

I sure didn't know anything about the cow tipping thing - did any of you try it?

Hey Diva, I'd love to meet you at the dog park again. I'm really hairy right now and already need a bath so it would be a good time. It's supposed to get colder up here in NW Illinois now. More like fall. Send me a picture of you in a sweatshirt - sounds cute. Who did the bad clip job?